Perfect 5 by Hosan Kim [Digital]

Perfect 5 by Hosan Kim [Digital]

Perfect 5 by Hosan Kim
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Perfect production is one of the most used card manipulation technique performed by many magicians.

Hosan Kim has made perfect production to another level by creating new and visual techniques you can perform on stage.

Learn 5 creative perfect production moves from this lecture.

Shot with multiple angles with detailed instructions starting from customizing your cards and explanation!



-Perfect Production

-Twin Perfect 1 

[Original by Hyunjoon Kim's <Double Perfect Production> from "Unveil" DVD]


-Perfect Combo

-Twin Perfect 2
-Smash Production


Video: Mp4 | Running time : 27 min | English Subtitles


    상호:마제스틱 주소:경기도 구리시 경춘북로 252,

    810동 1401호 (갈매동, 갈매역 아이파크) 대표:도기문

    사업자등록번호:313-15-03080 문의전화:010-6899-4757 개인정보관리책임자:도기문

    통신판매신고번호:2018-경기구리-0607호 전자우편

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