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Majestic Mug

Majestic Mug

[Majestic Mug]
Our very first Majestic Merch!!!

We have utilized our slogan of Majestic into our mug design. Even though you're a magician, sometimes you gotta just 'Stop Thinking'.

With a cup of coffee or tea, chill with our very first brand new merch! Manufactured with quality ceramic materials for you to enjoy your drink or tea. Chill and take your time with your only Majestic Mug!

*It's an ordinary mug, no gimmicks.


Materials : Ceramic
Grammage : 330~350ml
Size : 80mm x 95mm
Mug + Majestic Brand Sticker


[Shipping Information]

※ Customs may vary according to ordering country.

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