Lazy Leader by Kimoon Do

Lazy Leader by Kimoon Do

Lazy Leader is a packet trick consisting of 10 cards including 2 leader cards; Hearts and Clubs.

As the magician switch places of the leader cards,

the remaining cards magically match the suit of the leader no matter what!

  • Experience the Reinterpretation of the classic trick: Follow the Leader
  • Perform color change, Transposition, and a twist with Lazy Leader!
  • Read the QR code included in Lazy Leader for free and learn this packet trick with HD quality lecture video!


Kimoon Do has focused on performing multiple tricks with 10 cards. You can carry this packet around and perform anytime, anywhere! You can hand the whole packet to the audience itself after the performance!


10장의 카드로 구성된 패킷으로 

리더 카드의 움직임에 따라 카드들이 순간이동을 하고 마지막엔 재미있는 반전을 보여줍니다.


1. 클래식마술(Follow the Leader) 재해석한 패킷트릭

2. 체인지, 순간이동, 귀여운 반전까지   패킷에 모든 것이 가능합니다.

3.  패킷이라면 쉬운 동작으로 재미있는 스토리를 펼칠  있습니다.


도기문 마술사의 Lazy Leader  10장의 카드로 다양한 효과와 이미지를 보여주는데 주력했습니다.

간편하게 들고 다닐  있도록 휴대성을 높였고 시연 , 확인이 가능하기 때문에 깔끔하게 마술을 마무리할  있습니다.

동봉된 QR코드로 고퀄리티 렉쳐영상으로 실용성과 재미를 고루 갖춘 Lazy Leader 만나보세요!

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