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Half & Half by Kimoon Do

Half & Half by Kimoon Do

Half & Half is a super stron prediction trick that requires no sleights at all.
It's a variation of the classic "Quadraplex" by Nick Trost which has 2 prediction effects. But with Kimoon Do's Half & Half, you can perform 3 prediction effects that will amaze the audience!
Especially the final prediction has a comedic parlor with a twist that could astonish and bewilder your spectators.
The audience can shuffle and mix the cards 100% so they should have a hard time figuring out the secret.
And all 4 edges are softened so you can handle the cards at ease.
WIth this powerful packet, you can blow the spectators mind with this mentalism effect, super easy to setup and perform!

Including: 16 Half Cards, 3 Prediction cards, Explanation QR code, Card Wallet


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※ Customs may vary according to ordering country.

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