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Counting Stars by Hojung Lee [Digital]

Counting Stars by Hojung Lee [Digital]

[Instant Download]

From Counting Stars, you can learn the most elegant card roll down routine from the Korean card manipulator Hojung Lee.

Card roll down is a high-level technique from all card manipulation sklls.


From the lecture Counting Stars, You can learn 5 innovative and fresh routines and don't miss out the additional bonus routine!

Hojung Lee will guide you with the over-the-shoulder angle with super-detailed explanation so you can learn your first roll down technique!


For experienced card manipulators, this lecture will make your manipulation act to another level with elegance and high-level skills.

The beautiful and elegant card roll down lecture from Hojung Lee, learn Counting Stars now!

File: mp4 | Running Time : 83 Min

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